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How to reach

If you opt for public transportation, there’s a daily bus service from Jadbuti Pool that will take you directly to the project site, with intermittent stops to load supplies and passengers. The bus stops for a half-hour lunch break around 11 am in Dolalghat. A one-way ticket for the bus costs between 500 – 550 Nrs, and it departs at 7 am every day.

To reach the project site, you’ll need to take the Araniko Highway and cross the Indrawati and Bhotekoshi rivers, then proceed towards Dolalghat Chaubas road. From there, you’ll need to cover a 15 km off-road section.

Alternatively, you can book a private 4-wheel drive vehicle that can accommodate up to seven people, with prices ranging from 15000 – 17000 Nrs. For an off-road adventure, you can also consider using a dirt bike.

Once your placement is confirmed, the project team will provide you with updated information on the roads and the most efficient ways to reach the project site. Please keep in mind that safety is a priority while traveling, especially when driving off-road. Wear proper safety gear and carry emergency supplies, if necessary
+977-9851048288 (WhatsApp)

kathmandu desk office: Adventure Steps Nepal

Project Site (Head Office)