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Join a journey with purpose !

A one-of-a-kind travel experience that allows you to immerse yourself in an authentic Nepali village lifestyle while also contributing to the local community’s growth and development.

Stay with the natives,
be by the nature
& help the community

Embark on a Meaningful Journey:
Unique and Authentic Travel Experience
  • Nepali girl in a rural village of Nepal.  Empowering women
Life Changing Experiences


Gain and share skills

Learning and sharing skills empower personal and collective growth.

Meet new friends

An opportunity to meet new friends and build connections.

Help people

Volunteering allows you to make a positive impact and help others.

Personal satisfaction

We offer a rewarding experience and a sense of personal fulfillment.

Activities You can Do


Yoga and Meditation

Hike and Swim

Learn skills and cooking

Enjoy Festivals

Play Sports

Just Chill


Lives impacted




Volunteer Nationalities



Current Projects

Rebuilding Community Learning Center

Home for Families At-Risk of Landslides

Previous Projects

Rebuiling Earthbag School

Skill development training

Football Camp

Pickle making training

Volunteers’ Reviews

  • Alba Cuxart

    Volunteering in Bangthali has been a wonderful experience and the best way of getting to know Nepal and its amazing people. Everyone is so kind and welcoming that you feel part of the family from the moment you get there. They put so much enthusiasm into the project, improving the life of their community in a sustainable way, and they transmit this positive energy and love to everyone.

    Together with other volunteers, we contributed our little grain of sand for the final part of the construction of the school, we spent time playing with children, helped with millet plantation and everyday tasks like cooking. On top of that, we also had time to reIax and enjoy the amazing view of the Himalayas, sit around the bonfire to talk, sing and have fun with the locals, share their delicious meals and hike around the village.

    I couldn’t ask for a better volunteering experience. Thanks Bijay, I can’t wait to come back in the future!

  • Santiago Madrigal

    Bijay a fantastic man with incredible stories and outlook on life. He picked us up from the airport and from there he made our adventure! We stayed in Bangthali for two weeks, and I had the time of my life living the simple side of life. We were there to help the village paint the school, but not a single second felt like work. We were always accompanied by the locals who were constantly inviting us to experience their culture. Whether it be food, traditions, or adventures, they offered everything. I think a lot of people are not terribly open to volunteering but this was something totally different. Being up in Bangthali with just the locals without service and just doing things that make you feel good gives you a vacation of your own that every human needs to experience. Pure disconnection from life and total connection with the locals. This organisation was an amazing experience and I hope that everyone gets a chance to experience it. Be careful with how many lollipops you give the kids haha!

  • Amanada

    A wonderful community working together to make a better quality of life for everyone in the village. I had the opportunity to come and volunteer in Bangthali twice, and it was the most beautiful and rewarding experience. I came as a volunteer and left as part of the family.

    While I was there we worked on building the school by earth bag building, I was also able to help with farming, cooking, playing with the children and sharing my ideas with how to improve the project.

    The organization is truly working straight from the hearts of the people who care about the village of Bangthali, doing their best to educate and help the community to make it more efficient, safe and enjoyable for everyone.

    I would highly recommend coming to volunteer for Yes To change, they have big hearts and big goals and need the help of good people to make big changes in the community.

    Lots to share, to learn and to grow with this project.

    I cant wait to come back!

  • Fee Wittenbecher

    I spend more than 2 months in Nepal volunteering with Yes To Change and these were some of the most inspiring months of my life. Bangthali is a very unique and beautiful place in the Himalayas with amazing sunsets and rises, but the most important part are the kind hearted and welcoming people. They do not have much, but what they have, they share with you. Homemade Dhal Bhat or rice wine and singing Nepali songs at the bonfire should be part of every Nepal experience. Sadly, the aftermath of the 2014 earthquake is still very much sensible in Bangthali and it’s surrounding villages and help in whatever form, may it be a donation or a motivated volunteer, is greatly needed. If you want to have an impact in this remote part of the world, that is so often forgotten, I can only encourage you to volunteer with Yes To Change or if you cannot volunteer at least donate.